Solidarity with University of Aberdeen UCU

A quorate meeting of the branch on 29th February 2024 passed the following motion in support of the fight against cuts to the Modern Languages courses at University of Aberdeen.

Motion 1: Solidarity with Aberdeen UCU

This branch notes:

  • Plans to cut modern languages courses at Aberdeen University
  • Including Gaelic, one of the few institutions to teach the language to degree level
  • The threat to approximately 30 jobs
  • The 80% vote for strike action by UCU Aberdeen branch members
  • The increasing number of HE institutions, including pre-92 and post-92 universities, which are introducing:
      • spending and recruitment freezes
      • departmental restructures
      • voluntary and compulsory redundancies

This branch believes:

  • The wide range of cuts and attacks are not happening at once by coincidence
  • If our employers are coordinating their attacks, we must collectivise our response

The branch resolves:

  • To support UCU Aberdeen branch in its fight against cuts, including the industrial action beginning 12th March
  • To donate £500 to UCU Aberdeen branch funds to support members
  • To support and publicise UCU Aberdeen campaign materials and activities
  • To amplify calls for a collective response to the wider employers’ offensive

Branch members can find further ways to support the UCU UoA campaign at