Strike Action

Please bookmark this page or save it to your favourites in your browser as during strike action we will not typically be using University emails and vital information relating to the strike will be added to this page throughout the strike.

Online picket registration

Every strike day at 10.30 am we will be asking you to sign in to a virtual picket line. This will be vitally important in allowing us to come together in numbers to provide support and solidarity to our colleagues at risk and also to one another. Updates on the dispute will be provided in these morning meetings where possible and information on the day’s strike activities including teach out sessions and rallies will also be shared on these daily meetings so do please attend.

The daily picket registration will be held on Zoom. To attend each day just click here.

If you need to dial in then please contact the Branch and we can look to arrange this.

Strike activities and Teach Out programme

During our strike action there are a range of online and physical events that members, students and the wider community can be involved in.

Week three timetable.

Risk assessment

During the strike we will be ensuring that pickets and on-campus activities are conducted in a safe manner.

We expect social distancing wherever possible and when it is not possible to socially distance then you should wear face coverings unless you are exempt.

If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms then you should not attend activities on campus and should look to book a test immediately.

Please make sure you have read our risk assessment and familiarised yourself with it before you visit campus for any strike activities. Please also read the UCU guidance on picketing in advance of going on a picket line.

UoL UCU strike action risk assessment

Guidance for branches on picketing

Flawed selection criteria

A document highlighting the fundamental flaws in the ‘Rank and Yank’ approach to attacking jobs has been sent to management.

A world-leading scholar has conducted an analysis for UCU which demonstrates that:

  • Inappropriate grant income thresholds have been set as part of the selection criteria. Our modelling shows that over 50% of Russell Group staff in matched areas would not meet these thresholds.
  • The University has has applied HESA codes in a completely inconsistent manner, using different thresholds for staff working in the same research field
  • In one example, the threshold for some staff is 5 times lower than for others working in precisely the same research subject
  • Staff are at risk of redundancy based on HESA codes despite being told these would be used for nothing other than reporting purposes.

UoL UCU evidence on flawed selection criteria