Four Fights: Pay

What is this dispute about?In the past decade, pay in this sector has fallen in real terms by an average of 17.6%. Use this modeller to see how much more you should be paid if pay had kept up with inflation. UCU is asking for a £2,500 rise to be added to all pay points and an agreement hereafter that pay keeps up with inflation. This is more vital than ever as the cost of living crisis hits so many.Four Fights pay descriptor

What does this mean for our local members?
This year we are being offered a pay rise of 3%. This offer is well below inflation, meaning yet another real terms pay cut for staff.

I am a research assistant at the University of Liverpool. My salary in 2008 was £25,623. I have put this through a couple of inflation calculators getting a 2022 equivalent between £38-40,000. With the 6% “average” pay rise, I woud be getting £34,286. Good to know my 14 years of experience and my PhD are worth a £44-6k pay cut! Thanks so much, UCEA!

Read this testimonial from a lower paid member:

“I am an academic-related member of staff who has worked at the University for over six years in a grade 6 role. Promotion opportunities are few and far between. Any pay-rise I receive is entirely dependent on the pay-rise we receive through the yearly pay negotiations. The £2,500 increase on every spine point would make such a difference to my life. It would make a difference by allowing me to switch the heating on while I work from home during the winter. It would make a difference by allowing me continue contributing to USS rather than leaving the scheme as I need the extra money each month. It would make the difference by potentially allowing me to one day save enough money for a home of my own. I will be taking strike action for the pay rise we all deserve.”

Testimonial from one of the lower paid academic-related staff at Liverpool University.