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Flawed selection criteria

A document highlighting the fundamental flaws in the ‘Rank and Yank’ approach to attacking jobs has been sent to management.

A world-leading scholar has conducted an analysis for UCU which demonstrates that:

  • Inappropriate grant income thresholds have been set as part of the selection criteria. Our modelling shows that over 50% of Russell Group staff in matched areas would not meet these thresholds.
  • The University has has applied HESA codes in a completely inconsistent manner, using different thresholds for staff working in the same research field
  • In one example, the threshold for some staff is 5 times lower than for others working in precisely the same research subject
  • Staff are at risk of redundancy based on HESA codes despite being told these would be used for nothing other than reporting purposes.

UoL UCU evidence on flawed selection criteria

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August strike action

10 days of strike action begins from Wednesday 4th August – Saturday 14th August. There will be no strike action on Sunday 8th August but those who would be working Saturdays during this period should declare strike action on those days.

The strike is taking place due to two UCU members still being at risk of compulsory redundancy.

Why we are striking.

Online rally – Friday 6th August midday

Friday 6th August we will be holding an online solidarity rally with UCU General Secretary, Jo Grady and activists from UCU branches speaking.

Register here.

On-campus rally – Monday 9th August midday

Ahead of A Level results day we will be holding a solidarity rally on campus at midday in protest against the continued attack on jobs. We need a big turnout for this and encourage everyone who is able to attend to do so.