Strike Funds for Members

There are two funds available: the national Fighting Fund, and the Local Fund (jump to lower area of this page) provided by our branch. You may be eligible for both, as explained below.

Fighting Fund (UCU National Scheme)

Following industrial action members are reminded they can apply for the UCU national Fighting Fund to supplement deducted earnings.

To claim usual national Fighting Fund, log into the UCU members portal (MyUCU), go to My UCU and see the ‘Fighting Fund’ tab to begin a claim using the webform.

You will need to supply your payslip showing deductions when applying on the UCU members portal (MyUCU) at the end of each monthly salary period. 

When applying on MyUCU, simply supply the total number of days of action you took, followed by the total number of days being claimed, you can simply supply the total number of days of action you took for each box, the national team will deduct any relevant exclusion/sacrifice days, or other limits.

National dispute 2021-2022 (USS and Four Fights)
The national Fighting Fund is available for this nation-wide action (Four Fights and USS dispute). Please note that there is a cap of 11 days payable for the whole period of continuous action from 1st December 2021 through to 1st April 2022. For additional assistance, beyond the Fighting Fund for urgent and imminent need, please see our Local Fund. See detailed list of action dates, for rates and exclusion days or other general advice see the FF page.
1. 1st Dec 2021 to 3rd Dec 2021 strike – FF is confirmed to be paid from the 2nd day of action. You are recommended to simply state the total days of action (typically 3) on the MyUCU form in the two fields when asked how many days of action taken/claimed, you will likely need to upload your Jan payslip showing deductions on MyUCU. If you have not not claimed for this period yet, you can still make a separate MyUCU claim or add 3 days of action to your later claim (see below).
2. 14th Feb to 2nd March strike – 10 days of action for most people, you will likely see these deductions on your March payslip, allowing you to claim national FF. You are recommended to simply state the total days of action (typically 10) on the MyUCU form in the two fields when asked how many days of action taken/claimed (note – national UCU will pay a maximum of 11 days based on the whole action since Dec).
3. 28th March to 1st April strike – we are still checking with national UCU regarding this period due to the 11 day limit being reached for most people. Deductions for this period will likely be taken on the April payslip. For immediate support please apply to our Local Fund below.

For information on support available for the Project SHAPE dispute in 2021 and to make any outstanding claims please see the archive page.

Key facts about the National Fighting Fund (IMPORTANT – the below is typical FF information only):

  • Note – below rates reflect typical historic FF rates only, for full detailed information on rates and excluded days for specific periods/actions see PDF and guides at:
  • You will need to log into the national UCU members’ portal to register.
  • The typical historical rate is £50 per day from day 3 onwards.
  • A historical rate of £75 per day from day 2 onwards is typically available for those earning less than £30,000.
  • Any individual/separate action has a limit of 11 days FF support.
  • Support will also be provided to hourly paid staff who may lose work as a consequence of taking strike action and strike pay will be made based upon your normal working patterns.
  • You need to be a valid member paying the correct subscription rate (check here).
  • You must be able to demonstrate deductions due to industrial action.

Help applying to the Fighting Fund

  • See the instructions for submitting your claim on the FF site.
  • The UCU FF has stated that “Members should make their claims as each deduction occurs, ie. as they get each payslip.”, so you are advised to claim on the basis of deductions as they arise in each payslip, however in any difficulty, you can make a single claim on your last payslip containing deductions.
  • The FF application will ask you to upload a scan of the relevant payslip, you can download this from CORE (please submit in PDF or JPEG format).
  • For enquires: (always cite your UCU membership number).

Local Fund (UCU Liverpool Branch)

You should apply to the Fighting Fund (above) for initial coverage to offset deductions. For additional financial help, i.e. funds beyond the Fighting Fund daily allowance or other limitations you can also apply direct to the local branch committee for our Local Fund.

The local fund is intended for individuals suffering imminent financial difficulty due to strike deductions, such as staff employed on lower salary bands, hourly paid staff, those on precarious contracts/ facing end of contract circumstances. The local fund is also available to all who may need support to meet essential living costs to help them continue to participate in industrial action.

Please also consider donating to our Local Fund.

To apply for the local branch Local Fund, please ensure you use our online Webform  (requires UoL/MWS login and two-factor authentication).

  • When to make a LF claim: You are advised to make Local Fund claims for distinct phases of action as these arise.
  • Evidencing LF claims: Rather than waiting for payslips you can claim up-front as soon as days of action are known. You can simply supply CORE ‘My Time’ scans/screenshots or equivalent evidence, this will result in avoiding multiple claims over several months). If you have difficulties evidencing action please submit your claim and explain any difficulties on the webform.
  • Rates available: you can specify a lump sum of your choice. For the lump sum, please indicate desired funds required from £50-£350 in £50 increments, e.g. if you require £50, £100, £150 etc.
  • Casualised staff and other staff facing precarious contracts or similar difficulties should also consider applying for the Local Fund to offset costs arising from strike action in these circumstances.
  • If you have further imminent costs arising due to the action beyond the Local Fund’s normal rate, please explain these on Webform (see link above).
  • This scheme is operated by the branch committee and not UCU national.
  • You should only apply for this scheme if you are seeking coverage of deductions above normal Fighting Fund daily rate (where this is available for specific actions) and need further support as a result of pay deductions for participating in industrial action.
  • Please supply the total number of days you were on strike, including the first three days (if you work part time, you can supply this as a decimal if required).
  • You need to be a valid member paying the correct subscription rate (check here).
  • The Local Fund is only available for members who completed the full period of that industrial action.
  • If you cannot for some reason meet the above requirements e.g. if you did not take action on all strike days, please contact the branch urgently and ask to speak to a branch officer.

To apply for the local branch Local Fund, please ensure you use our online Webform (see link above), for any difficulties or questions regarding the form, please contact the branch office by email (, the online form requires –

  • Your choice of payment type/ rate (see options above).
  • Your full name, residential address and UCU membership number.
  • An explanation of the circumstances of your Local Fund claim.
  • Documentation indicating strike days, e.g. you can download payslips from CORE (please submit in PDF or JPEG format).
  • Please outline the specific strike action/dates your claim refers to.
  • For enquires: or see further branch contact options.
  • If you would like to request a discussion with a UCU branch official to discuss your Local Fund claim, please contact the branch using details shown above.