UCU Liverpool Branch Code of Conduct for Member Meetings

University of Liverpool UCU (LUCU) strives to be a safe space for all members. This means all members can expect to attend meetings without being subjected to bullying, harassment, hate speech, or victimisation. Agreeing to abide by this is a condition of participation in LUCU meetings.

Hate speech includes, but is not limited to, negative comments regarding age, body size, disability, gender or gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership status, maternity, nationality, language, physical appearance, pregnancy, race, religion or belief system, sex, or sexuality.

Meetings should be places where people can air their views and debate matters relating to LUCU activities and campaigns, as well as the broader trade union movement, but this should always be done in a manner which respects the dignity of all those present. During debate, members should direct criticism towards the topic of discussion. Members should never personalise their criticism in any way.

Like UCU, LUCU upholds members’ rights to self-identify into groups such as disabled, Black, or LGBTQIA+, and challenging another member’s identity is not acceptable. We accept that people may have multiple overlapping identities and that one person’s experiences of discrimination around one identity will not be the same as another person’s experience around the same.

LUCU believes in freedom of speech where it is not harmful to others, and all contributions to debate are to be encouraged, valued, and listened to. However, opinions which are (for example) racist, sexist, ableist, or transphobic are antithetical to UCU policy and are not welcome in meetings. We believe that providing a supportive environment free of bullying, harassment, hate speech, or victimisation will allow freedom of speech and academic freedom to flourish. 

All members are encouraged to be ‘good bystanders’ if bullying, harassment, hate speech, or victimisation occurs in a members’ meeting. This can involve challenging the behaviour and explaining why it is unacceptable. Members can raise a point of order at any time if an objectionable form of speech is being used. It will not be left to victims to speak out against hateful behaviours themselves.

This Code of Conduct was passed by members at the OGM on 17/11/22.

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