Strike Funds for Members (Project SHAPE dispute)

Fighting Fund (IMPORTANT SHAPE notes and how to claim for each action)

Following industrial action members are reminded they can apply for the UCU national Fighting Fund to supplement deducted earnings. For the August strike (04/08-14/08) Fighting Fund will be provided directly by the local branch (see below).

When to submit your SHAPE Fighting Fund application(s)
You must make individual/ separate FF claims for distinct action(s):
1. 24/05-11/06 strike: Deductions for the intitial action ending 11/06 occured in the July payslip, you can claim national FF at any time for this action by uploading your July payslip on the national FF webform. You will likely input 14 in both fields asking for days of action & how many you care claiming for (a max. of 11 days is paid by FF for this action).
2. 18/06-05/07 boycott action: Deductions for the boycott action occured in the October payslip, you can claim national FF at any time for this action by uploading your October payslip on the national FF webform. A max. of 12 days is paid by FF for this action. Note – the branch president has advised that there is no 3 day penalty for this action, rates are £50 per day (earning over £30k) or £75 per day (earning under £30k).
3. 04/08-14/08 strike: For the Aug 4-14th action the normal Fighting Fund is provided directly by our local branch, rather than national UCU. For this specific strike period please do not apply to the national FF site, instead you can make your claim using our secure Webform (the webform has been emailed to all branch members, it it not posted online for security reasons).The webform requires MWS login and Duo dual authentication. Note that 7th and 14th Aug were Saturdays, please only factor those dates if you lost pay for striking on those days. Rates reflect typical historic national Fighting Fund rates (£50 per day from your third day of strike onwards, for those members earning over £30,000. £75 per day from your second day of strike onwards, for those members earning under £30,000). You must be able to demonstrate deductions due to industrial action (however, for casualised staff or problems evidencing action please describe any difficulties on the webform and simply complete other sections). If you are in a position where you can go without making a claim or you feel able to claim for a lesser amount please consider doing so in order that we can prioritise those whose loss of pay may cause particular hardship. The Fund will be able to support more members for longer if you can contribute in this way. To claim for a lower amount than your expected claim, please note this and sum required on the webform. For additional advice or problems completing the webform please contact the branch office. Note, the Local Fund for additional urgent and imminent need is a separate process, you can see details about our Local Fund lower down this page.

Local Fund (UCU Liverpool Branch)

The Local Fighting Fund was available over the SHAPE dispute and supplemented by a Wage Sharing scheme.

Note on UoL boycott deductions
The university deducted pay for participation in the marking and assessment boycott from 18/06 in the October 2021 payslip. It is possible to claim national FF for the boycott period (see national Fighting Fund advice above). LF is also available for the boycott action should circumstances require this.