Four Fights: Equality

What is this dispute about?

Pay inequality is a huge issue for the HE sector. UCU national figures show that in HE, the pay gap between Black and white staff is 17%. The disability pay gap is 9%. The mean gender pay gap is 15.1% and at the current rate of change it will not be closed for another 22 years. This is pay discrimination and is illegal. UCU are simply asking for time-specific agreements on closing these gaps.

A BBC (2018) report into Russell Group universities showed:

  • 86% of academics were white
  • Staff earn 26% more if white

Compared with white men:

  • White women earn 15% less
  • Asian women earn 22% less
  • Black women earn 39% less

There were just over 600 black academic staff vs 49,000 white academic staff.

What does this mean for our local members?
I get paid less for the same work than a white man