Vote Jo McNeill for UCU General Secretary

Vote Jo McNeill for UCU General Secretary

Dear member,

The voting period for the position of UCU General Secretary begins on 1 February 2017 and lasts until the 1 March 2017. The election of this crucial national role takes place every five years, and the outcome will be important for the future direction of the union.

This year there are just two candidates: Sally Hunt (the sitting General Secretary); and Jo McNeill (President, University of Liverpool UCU).

As the University of Liverpool UCU branch committee, we are giving total and enthusiastic support to our President, Jo McNeill.

Jo has proved her commitment to UCU members on countless occasions at the local, regional and national levels. We know that she believes in fighting to prevent the ongoing slide in pay and the value of our pensions, along with the deterioration of terms and conditions across the HE sector. She has argued consistently for a strategy that is clear, accountable and transparent to members. As Jo has said repeatedly: “We can’t keep repeating the same mistakes. It’s time for change”.

For more information about Jo’s campaign go to:

This election is also a vital part of the democracy of the union and we urge all members to use their vote, whatever their preference. (In the last election for the position of General Secretary, the turnout was just 12%.)

In the coming weeks the campaign material of both candidates will be made available to members. The branch is also organising a hustings for as near to the start of the voting period as possible. Both candidates have been invited. The date will be confirmed shortly.

For more information about the elections of the General Secretary and other National Executive Committee positions go to:

Mark O’Brien

Vice-president, University of Liverpool UCU