Wage Sharing Scheme

Strike Funds for Members and Wage Sharing Scheme (SHAPE Industrial Action/ Assessment Boycott)

For all Strike Fund advice, links to UCU Fighting Fund and our Local Fund advice/ claim form, please see https://ulivucunews.org.uk/strike-funds-for-members/ 

Note for casualised staff – please contact the branch for support if you have difficulties evidencing action for strike fund claims, e.g. if you have no formal contract: https://ulivucunews.org.uk/contact-us/

Fighting Fund (National Fund for initial deductions/ losses)

Update 19/07/21 UoL suspension of boycott deductions – UoL have agreed to suspend deductions for the entire boycott period from 18/06 to 23/07. Boycotting staff will not therefore be subject to boycott deductions expected in Aug. All staff engaged in the intital strike of 24/05-11/06 should still claim FF for this action.

Members can apply for the national Fighting Fund to offset deductions from the SHAPE action. Fighting Fund Strike pay is £50 per day after the third strike day for members earning over £30,000 and to £75 per day after the second strike day for members earning under that threshold. Payments are payable up to a maximum of 11 days for any individual phase of strike action (e.g. 11 days for 24/05 – 11/06). You will normally need to await proof of deductions before applying (upload your payslip on the FF webform to show deductions).

The national Fighting Fund has also been approved for the assessment boycott phase of the action (should the need arise) at the same rate/terms as the initial strike action.

How to Apply for each distinct SHAPE action: you will need to make separate/individual FF claims for each distinct action.
For detailed help, including when to apply for FF for distinct action(s) please see https://ulivucunews.org.uk/strike-funds-for-members/

Local Fund

Update 19/07/21 UoL suspension of boycott deductions – UoL have agreed to suspend deductions for the entire boycott period from 18/06 to 23/07. Boycotting staff will not be subject to boycott deductions expected in Aug. It is not possible to claim LF for the boycott period at this time, as normal pay is currently in effect for Aug. LF will be available for the boycott action should ongoing circumstances require this. Staff can however claim LF for the initial strike period 24/05-11/06.

The Local fund is intended for individuals suffering imminent financial difficulty due to strike deductions, such as staff employed on lower salary bands, hourly paid staff, those on precarious contracts/ facing end of contract circumstances or having urgent financial commitments such as urgent housing, caring or disability related costs and other day-to-day essential living costs.

Staff engaged in the assessment boycott and suffering longer-term deductions are reminded they can apply for our Local Fund to obtain additional support with imminent and urgent costs. IMPORTANT – please note UoL has suspended deductions for the entire boycott action to-date, so pay in Aug will be normal, please factor this when making a LF claim (also see note above).

You can apply for our Local Fund by supplying only evidence for days of action (it’s helpful to show CORE declared strike days).

Rates available: you can specify a lump sum of your choice. For the lump sum, please indicate desired funds required from £50-£350 in £50 increments, e.g. if you require £50, £100, £150 etc.

Further rate options for assessment boycott – [UPDATE – a LF daily rate option will be available in the event negotiations/outcomes require resumption of LF strike pay after 23/07. Pay from 18/06-23/07 will be paid as normal. For strike actions prior to 18/06 please make a lump-sum claim.]

Note for boycott phase of action – we can commit to supporting every boycotter at a daily rate of £50 (or £75 if earning less than £30k) from 24 July onwards if necessary, we encourage members to ask for support from the Local Fund at whatever level is needed in addition to the national fighting fund (please see detailed advice below).

For detailed advice, see: https://ulivucunews.org.uk/strike-funds-for-members/

To apply for the local branch Local Fund, please ensure you use our online Webform.

Additional support beyond the above is also available for urgent and imminent need, for further amounts please explain any additional needs on the claim form.
If you don’t have a formal contract or have difficulty evidencing action please just outline this on the claim form.

Members are also asked to consider donating to our Local Fund (https://ulivucunews.org.uk/hardship-fund/).

Please also see our ‘wage sharing’ scheme below encouraging members to donate to our Local Fund to support UCU collegues taking part in the assessment boycott at this time, as these staff may require additional financial support from our Local Fund during this period.

University of Liverpool UCU wage-sharing policy in the fight against ‘Project Shape’

Our fight to defend jobs in the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences continues after the highly effective three weeks of strike action that ended on the 11 June.

From the 18 June, UCU members are boycotting all marking and all assessment processes. In response, the University has opted to deduct 100% of pay for those members directly involved in this action.

The branch policy we decided upon was that those members not directly involved in the marking and assessment boycott would provide financial support to those who are taking action: “the branch is encouraging at least 50% of wages or whatever is possible” (‘Escalating industrial action’ motion passed, 1 June OGM):

“To effectively defend jobs, branch members not participating in a marking and assessment boycott will provide financial support to the branch encouraging at least 50% of wages or whatever is possible given we know the shameful threat that 100% deductions will likely be taken from those members participating in the boycott for partial performance of duties.”

We now call upon branch members to contribute to act in solidarity with their fellow UCU members who are maintaining the boycott.

You can contribute with a straightforward donation into the branch fighting fund account.

See: https://ulivucunews.org.uk/hardship-fund/

We are encouraging members to be generous. The boycott is continuous and those members taking this action need maximum support from the whole branch.

‘At least 50%’ of net pay (reflecting a typical salary month) is something that all members should consider. Those facing 100% pay deduction are all in the normal range of home circumstances, and include members with significant caring responsibilities, who are sole bread-winners, and who are suffering double-income deductions.

With respect to donating members, of course personal circumstances also vary hugely and no judgement is made by the branch of any amount donated by a member. We simply ask that members contribute the maximum amount that is feasible for them.

All contributions are voluntary and will be treated confidentially.

The frequency of payments will also be up to individuals to decide what works for them. One model that would be useful for the branch would be for donations to come in weekly, so that the rate of income aligns with the continuity of the boycott, for its duration.

We are a united branch. We stand together. We are determined to save jobs at the University. This is everyone’s fight.

For queries on any of the above, please contact the branch: https://ulivucunews.org.uk/contact-us/

University of Liverpool UCU Finance Group