UCU UoL Local Fund Claim Form

    For problems using this form, please alternatively email the branch office, including all the above details/ attachments at lucu@liverpool.ac.uk

    Note on Assessment Boycott period - The university has stated that it will suspend deductions for the marking and assessment boycott from 18/06 to 23/07 (so no boycott deductions have arisen at this time), please factor this in any LF claim until further notice.

    Please attach evidence of strike action below, these can include payslip(s) demonstrating strike deductions, screenshots from CORE showing strike days or equivalent evidence.

    Note if you do not have evidence of action (e.g. casualised, sessional staff or other reason) please simply submit your claim and briefly describe your difficulty in evidencing days of action in the text box above.

    If possible please supply a CORE 'My Time' scan showing all days of industrial action you took or equivalent evidence (or attach similar evidence such as an email showing action taken). Please attach any document/email/invoice/bill etc. indicating the basis of your local fund claim if possible.

    Additional support beyond above rates is also available for urgent and imminent need, for further amounts please explain any additional needs in the text box above. Please list additional sums and clarify the total sum you are seeking (you can add any lump-sum claimed below to your total in the textbox above).

    UCU strike funds cannot compensate you funds above deducations you have sustained. Please confirm you will not receive more than the total loss from combined applications to UCU-accredited funds: