UCU UoL Local Fund Claim Form

    For problems using this form, please alternatively email the branch office, including all the above details/ attachments at lucu@liverpool.ac.uk

    * Please attach evidence of strike periods, these can include payslip(s) demonstrating strike deductions, screenshots from CORE showing strike days or equivolent evidence. Note - you should claim for all strike days in a single Local Fund claim, regardless if your deductions are staggered. If you don't have all payslips yet (due to staggered deductions) please supply a CORE 'My Time' scan showing all days of industrial action you took or equivolent evidence (please also attach your intitial payslip or equivolent evidence showing the first staggered deduction). Please attach any document/email/invoice/bill etc. indicating the basis of your local fund claim if possible.

    * note the Local Fund will compensate for all days of industrial action. For the above option, please supply the TOTAL number of days you were on strike, INCLUDING the first 3 days.

    UCU strike funds cannot compensate you funds above deducations you have sustained. Please confirm you will not receive more than the total loss from combined applications to UCU-accredited funds: