Strike Funds for Members

UCU National Fighting Fund (and UoL Branch Hardship Fund)

Fighting Fund (UCU National Scheme)

Following the recent industrial action members are reminded they can apply for the UCU national Fighting Fund, to supplement deducted earnings.

Key facts about the Fighting Fund:

  • This is a national UCU scheme.
  • The rate is £50 per day, you cannot claim for the first 3 working days.
  • You need to be a valid member paying the correct subscription rate (check here).
  • You must have engaged in the industrial action.
  • Pro-rata calculations apply to hourly rate and part time staff.

To apply to the Fighting Fund:

  • UCU’s national site provides an online Fighting Fund application form – Important – you may need to submit the required data and payslip/evidence attachments by email at since claimants will typically be making a series of individual monthly claims, each based on 1/3 (smoothed over 3 months) deductions, this monthly deduction does not correspond to a figure representing the “number of days” on strike as required on the FF webform. Please see calculation advice below.
  • Deductions at UoL will be spread over three months (April-June), The UCU FF site states that “Members should make their claims as each deduction occurs, ie. as they get each payslip”.
  • The FF claim process will ask you to submit or email a scan of the relevant payslip, you can download payslips from CORE (you should submit in PDF or JPEG format).
  • For enquires: (always cite your UCU membership number).
  • You are also advised to read the official FF page and FAQ before applying.

Calculating the national FF claim:
The UCU FF site states that “Members should make their claims as each deduction occurs, ie. as they get each payslip”. Some members however have reported a preference to submit a total claim on the June payslip, see below for a suggested approach for making a total claim.
Claiming the total maximum FF allowed (on the June payslip)
f you are claiming the total 14 day period in June and have all payslips available this is one approach you may use, e.g. if you were on strike the full 14 days, you would claim for 11 days (minus the 3 day excluded days).
As an example of the amount you would typically expect if you were on strike 14 days, this would reflect 14 days, minus the 3 excluded days, multiplied by £50 (daily rate):
14 days striking minus first 3 days =11, multiplied by 50 = £550.00
Claiming per month/ per payslip (by declaring corresponding days)
If you wish to claim per-month/ per payslip, you may be able to calculate the number of days represented on a specific payslip being claimed for that month. You would need to calculate the number of days represented by the deduction shown in the individual payslip/month you are claiming for.
Important – UoL have smoothed/divided deductions over 3 months, therefore the number of days corresponding to an individual payslip/claim for most members is 3.66 (14-3=11/3), this presents a difficulty as it is only possible to state a whole number (reflecting the number of days on strike) on the FF webform.
If you are unable to use the above method to calculate an individual payslip/claim on the official FF webform, see an alternative option to claim the amount claimed below instead.
Claiming as a ratio (1/3) over the strike period per-month/per payslip
It is possible to submit an individual monthly claim as an amount i.e. as 1/3 of the total deductions represented on an individual payslip. You can take the total number of days you declared on strike, minus the first 3 days (these cannot be claimed), divide this by 3 (months) and then multiply this by the maximum FF allowance (£50), e.g.
14 days striking minus first 3 days = 11, divided by 3 = 3.66, multiplied by 50 = £183.33.
Important – the national FF webform will only accept a whole number (of days claimed). For a submission in the above ratio format (stating the amount being claimed) you will need to submit a claim by email at (ensure you provide all details/evidence listed on the FF Web form, including an explanation of your calculation). UCU national have confirmed you can alternatively wait for the June payslip to make a total submission on the national Fighting Fund Web form (this will delay your access to a FF ID number, this ID is required if you intend to make an additional claim for the local branch Hardship Fund ).

Hardship Fund (UCU Liverpool Branch)

You are advised to apply to the Fighting Fund for initial coverage to offset deductions. For additional financial help, i.e. funds beyond the Fighting Fund daily allowance you can also apply to our local branch Hardship Fund. The Hardship Fund is intended for individuals suffering imminent difficulty due to strike deductions, such as staff employed on lower salary bands, hourly paid staff or having urgent financial commitments that could not otherwise be met such as caring costs, housing costs etc.

Key facts about the Hardship Fund:

  • This scheme is operated by the branch committee and not UCU national.
  • This is a finite fund sourced from our local branch bank account, please consider your claim carefully and in consideration of other members in urgent need when applying
  • You should apply for this scheme if you are seeking coverage of deductions beyond the normal Fighting Fund daily rate of £50 due to imminent difficulties resulting from deductions.
  • The rate is £50 per day minus the first 3 days of action (however if you require further support please contact the branch to discuss).
  • You cannot claim for deductions already claimed under the Fighting Fund, but can claim to further supplement deductions sustained.
  • You need to be a valid member paying the correct subscription rate (check here).
  • You must have engaged in strike action.
  • You will need to inform us of the total number of days you were on strike (this is important as this allows us to calculate your claim).
  • For a full up-front payment of the maximum payment for all deductions (rather than claiming per month/payslip), please include evidence of the strike days taken, you can take a screenshot of your ‘My Time’ pages shown in CORE, copy/pasting this in a Word document, or submit comparative information such as a management email acknowledging the period on strike.
  • You can alternatively submit evidence based on your payslip by month or you can apply in June for the total deductions by submitting all payslips, if you wish to make submissions per month/ individual payslips you will need to make repeated claims per month.
  • Please also consider donating to our Hardship Fund.

The following information is required to apply for the branch Hardship Fund, please use our branch Hardship Claim form:

  • Your full name, residential address and UCU membership number.
  • Confirm you have already applied for the Fighting Fund, enclosing your Fighting Fund reference number (if in doubt, ask UCU’s Fighting Fund for this).
  • Explain the circumstances of your Hardship Fund claim. Here only the essential details are needed. If there are circumstances that you do not wish to include on the form, but that are relevant, you can discuss with a UCU Hardship officer to explain them.
  • Enclose (by email or postage) scans of evidence such as CORE time taken striking or payslips, you can download payslips from CORE (please submit in Word, PDF, JPEG, PNG or other standard format).
  • Please state the number of days in total you were on strike.
  • If you have an imminent need, and cannot for some reason meet the above requirements, please contact the branch and ask to speak to a branch officer.
  • To apply for the local branch Hardship Fund, you are strongly advised to use our branch Hardship Claim form, in case of difficulties using the form send the above details/ file attachments to the branch office by email ( or postage.

Further Hardship Fund notes

* If you want to claim for the full deductions now, rather than claim per month, please include evidence of periods striking (e.g. Word file containing screenshots of striking periods shown in CORE).
* If you are applying for Hardship Fund on the basis of a single month/payslip, we will fund you the value (reflecting 1/3 your total strike days) per payslip. IF YOU MAKE AN INITIAL CLAIM FOR ONLY ONE PAYSLIP AND WISH TO APPLY FOR FURTHER PAYSLIPS, PLEASE MAKE FURTHER APPLICATION(S).
* If you are applying for the total amount in June, please include all payslips using the file upload option in the Hardship Fund webform.
In the event of difficulties using the webform you can alternatively use the office email address to supply all required data and attachments:
* Note – the Hardship Fund will compensate for your strike days minus the first 3 days of industrial action in line with national UCU regulations. Please always indicate the TOTAL number of days you were on strike, INCLUDING the first 3 days.